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Desperately fleeing for his life, Brad Evans escapes Manhattan and hides in a trailer in the country. There he writes an expos of Phasmatia, the world’s first great Internet religion, and its megalomaniacal messiah, Sky Fisher. As one of the trio of ad men who schemed to concoct Phasmatia, Evans certainly knows where all the skeletons are buried, and is ready to tell provided he manages to live long enough. The whistle-blower recounts the religion’s genesis and its growth, spreading like wildfire over the web and the planet. He also exposes the corruption and power lust that festers at the top, even while his hope for a potential new era of spirituality and faith burns brightly. The events in this gripping digital-age novel could easily happen tomorrow. Our wired age of social networks, virtual worlds, and media manipulation is examined in the context of humankind’s timeless need for spiritual sustenance and divine hope.

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Weight 0.4120
Height 2
Length 23
Width 15.5
Product type soft cover book
Number of pages 259
Age range 16-99
Language English
Author/Artist Dowhal Dan