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Stones Under the Scythe

Stones Under the Scythe


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This book helps to shatter a conspiracy of silence and deliberate denial about one of the most terrible tragedies to befall any nation, a catastrophe caused by the workings of a group of fanatical "creators of a new breed of men." The characters in the novel are composites of individuals and the narrative is based on real events the author witnessed as a university student. The story of 15 year old Andriy recreates the fate of millions of Ukrainian children who either perished or barely escaped death in the years of a man-made famine, the "Holodomor," that took the life of every fourth Ukrainian. However, Olha Mak's novel is not a somber story of horrible events. Her characters bear witness to the truth that the human spirit cannot be fully subdued. But this is a truth that needs frequent reminders, for everyone at some point comes to feel vanquished by the brutality that confronts them.

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Weight 0.2910
Height 1.5
Length 23
Width 15
Product type paperback book
Number of pages 160
Age range 14-99
Language English
Author/Artist Mak Olha Мак Ольга