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Ukrainian Eggcessories Kistka - Black Handle

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Ukrainian Eggcessories Kistka - Black Handle
All Kistka are only to be used with beeswax. These candle kistka are a must have in every pysanky artists tool kit. They are manufactured in Canada with your best experience in mind. We want to let you know that our Candle Heated Kistky use the same precision pen tips as our coveted Electric Kistky. This means you can create beautiful Ukrainian eggs as gifts all season and not just Easter, no matter your budget. Stainless steel precision tips are the secret to creating fine, even, smooth and consistent lines of melted beeswax when making Ukrainian Easter eggs or other egg art. You'll find that "accidental blobs" happen a lot less frequently than they do with brass or copper-tipped kistky. Ukrainian Eggcessories kistky create breathtaking lines that would make even an experienced artist jump for joy! The old fashion traditional kistky usually use a natural beeswax block because the soot of the candle will turn the beeswax black making your lines easy to see on the egg. This soot often plugs up the kistka which has to be cleaned out before it can be used again. However, Ukrainian EggCessories' Candle Heated Kistky are very efficient so this doesn't happen with them. When using our kistky, it is recommended to use the black honeycomb beeswax so that you are able to see your design lines on your eggshell. New Black Handle Kistka Our candle-heated Kistka now comes with a new phenolic black handle that is more durable than the wooden handles. They come with the same medium tip that is on our electric Kistky. This means that it is a high end beginner candle Kistka that will give you professional looking wax lines with the right amount of even heat. This is specially made to help you get long smooth lines... and it's possible because of it's special stainless steel tip. You'll never want to share this one, so if you are going to have other people making pysanky with you, you might want to order another. :) Comes with a complimentary cleaning wire.
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Height .2
Length 19
Width 6
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