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Videos & DVD's for Children

  1. DVD Pysanka: The Ukrainian Easter Egg

    One of the pre-Christian celebrations of spring in the Ukraine was the painting of prayer designs on eggs by means of sealing designs onto the eggs with wax drawings and dipping the eggs in successively darker dyes. This art is demonstrated and the symbolic meanings explained by Luba Perchyshyn, a master of egg decoration. Learn More

  2. Ukrainian Power - Vol. 1&2

    Ukrainian Power - Vol. 1&2 Learn More

  3. Baby Ukrainian Power: First Words

    Baby Ukrainian Power: First Words Learn More

  4. Союзмульефильм - Збірка №4

    Союзмульефильм - Збірка №4 Learn More

  5. Царівна-жаба

    Царівна-жаба Learn More

  6. Ukrainian Power - Vol. 3&4

    Ukrainian Power - Vol. 3&4 Learn More