* Don't tell the enemy

Don't tell the enemy


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During the Soviet occupation of Ukraine during World War II, some of Krystia’s family are harrassed; others are arrested and killed. When the Nazis liberate the town, they are welcomed with open arms. Krystia’s best friend Dolik isn’t so sure. His family is Jewish and there are rumours that the Nazis might be even more brutal than the Soviets. Shortly after the Nazis arrive, they discover a mass grave of Soviet prisoners and blame the slaughter on the Jews. Soon, the Nazis establish ghettoes and begin public executions of Jews. When rumours circulate that the ghetto will be evacuated and the Jews will be exterminated, Krystia must decide if she’s willing to risk her own family’s safety to save her friends. A gripping story based on true events.

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Weight 0.1600
Height 1.5
Length 20
Width 13
Product type paperback book
Number of pages 184
Age range 16-99
Language English
Author/Artist Forchuk Skrypuch Marsha