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23 Trypillian Goddes Трипільська Богиня Silver

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Trypillian culture - c. 5500–2750 BC

The Trypillian culture  (also nown as Cucuteni Cultere) inhabited the present-day southeastern European nations of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania during the Neolithis and Copper Ages. It left behind many settlement ruins that contain archaeological artifacts attesting to their cultural and technological characteristics.

Trypillian Culture is a one of the most beautiful cultures of ancient times. Our ancestors believed in different gods and sought power and spirituality in various figures and amulets. Popularly known as "goddesses".

This figurine have become a recognizable visual marker of the culture.

Let's bring it back to our life in the form of beautiful pendant silver or gold

Made in Dnipro, Ukraine by wonderful young artist Irina Gubanova.

Made of silver 

4.5cm x 2.5 cm


More Information
Height 3
Length 9
Width 9
AGE 16yr
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